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The Relay way

How the Relay On Demand Network works

1. Join the Relay Network

2. Schedule a Driver

3. Dispatch

4. Sit Back & Relax

Grab a membership to join 100s of carriers who share the pool of 1,000s of great drivers in the Relay Network you can use for any load.

Schedule a driver for your truck(s) by creating a dispatch and setting your pay rate. You can choose a driver instantly or have your run go out to available network drivers who accept your run.

Use the app to dispatch, communicate, and track. You'll be able to get real-time updates while you communicate and work directly with the driver just like you normally would.

Our powerful tech allows you to view pre-trip inspection photos, track the driver progress, and re-dispatch the same drivers for dedicated permanent needs to build up your fleet.

How we compare to others...

Job Boards

Staffing/Temp Agencies

30-40% of Driver pay, $5,000 per driver


$500-$1,000 Month

As low as $65/month

15 day Risk-Free trial.

4-8 weeks

3-4 weeks



Spend tons of frustrating time reviewing resumes and interviews just to have flaky drivers not show up or quit and then you do it all over again,  again, and again...

Complicated contracts, process, and they typically do not like working with small carriers.

Get Permanent, part-time, or fill-in drivers whenever you need on demand, literally the same-day, Guaranteed.


Very Little

Yes, Guaranteed

Driver Quality Assurance

You really have no idea how good the driver will be until he gets on the road in your truck. Very risky.

Recruiter may know driver, but many of those drivers can't get jobs elsewhere and you have no idea how well they worked with other carriers in the past.

Every driver is pre-vetted and DOT certified. In addition, every driver is rated and reviewed by other carriers so when you see 5-star ratings you know it's guaranteed a quality driver.


Ability to Increase Revenue


Yes, up to 200%

You can only hire one driver per truck leaving your business entirely dependent on that driver.  If the driver doesn't work or quits, your truck sits.

Can only fill one driver position for one truck at a time. No ability to use multiple drivers for the same truck.

Only RELAY allows you to have multiple drivers lined up for each of your trucks so as soon as one gets done with a trip, you can have the next hop right in and keep your truck rolling 24/7 and get more revenue with zero downtime.

Get started Free

Pricing that works for you.

Start any of our paid memberships free for 15 days.

Flexible Driver Pay Rates

Rates start at

$25hr for local

$0.60CPM for OTR

Or set your own pay rates by the hour, mile, day, or per trip.

Drivers get paid through the app

Once the run is completed, you'll get charged the driver pay and the driver will get paid via the app automatically.

Everything you need to always have the drivers you need, all in one app.

Get Permanent, part-time, or fill-in drivers same-day. 

See how carriers and trucking companies use Relay.

Join the future of trucking and never be without drivers again


The new and better way to get drivers for your trucks.

With over 2,000 drivers on the Relay Network as part of your fleet, you'll never need to scramble trying to recruit and hire drivers again. 


Solve your driver needs with just the tap of a button.

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