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Book unlimited local, short-haul, and OTR CDL truck drivers on demand from your smart phone or web portal.

Here's how it works




Track the progress of the driver and recieve automatic updates until the run is complete

Book a driver for your truck by entering the run details and setting a pay rate. Your order will go out to available drivers for them to accept.

Once a driver accepts your run they automatically get dispatched through the app. You'll be able communicate and work directly with the driver.

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Pretty cool right!

Work with as many drivers as you need

Full-time, Part-Time, or On-Demand

Freedom and Flexibility

Increase Revenue

DOT Compliance

Book one driver, then another as soon as one returns to keep your truck rolling 24/7.

All drivers are pre-vetted, drug tested, and constantly monitored through Relay.

Add drivers to your preferred network and dispatch them on demand. 

The new and better way to get drivers for your trucks!

With Relay, you can have 2-3 drivers for every truck you want to run  so you can 2X your revenue by keeping your trucks rolling 24/7.

Relay works for local, short-haul, and OTR CDL runs!

.There's local, short-haul, and OTR truck drivers available for your trucks. The types of CDL runs carriers use the Relay Drivershare Network for are:

Amazon Warehouse Drop/Hooks

Single Stop Runs

Single Overnighters

Convoy/Uber Freight

Multi-Drop Runs

2-3 day runs

Terminal to terminal warehouse picks and drops

You set your own pay rates for drivers you use!

We've got you covered 100%

 Pre-vetted, Certified, and Quality Assured. Relay makes your life easy by taking care of all DOT compliance for every driver you use on the network and even your own current drivers.

In addition, we've thought about your insurance needs:

  • Worker's Comp: Relay takes care of it all the time.
  • Truck Liability: Relay provides coverage for the first time you use any driver, if the driver becomes a repeat driver for you, then just simply add them to your policy.
100s of carriers trust the Relay Drivershare Network to keep their trucks rolling!
Watch Carriers tell you why they trust the Relay Network

"I love the drivers on the Relay Network! They are professional and the Relay app makes it so easy. This is such an awesome thing for carriers."

– Yesica Miranda, Trucking Company Owner, 10 years

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