Get Drivers Fast.

100% Flexible and High Quality CDL Drivers

Fill-in On Demand

Book a driver same-day for a single load, for a day, or for a week, anytime, instantly!

Permanent On Demand

Instantly book and hire a permanent driver to build out your fleet with a combination of permanent and fill-in drivers to maximize your profits.

Keep Control

Only work with drivers you like and who like working with you. No more need to keep drivers around because you fear having to replace them. With Relay, you have a selection of drivers to choose from with the tap of a button.

Utilize Multiple Drivers per Truck

Rocket Your Profits w/ Zero Downtime

Our technology will automatically have a driver scheduled ready to hop in your truck as soon as the first driver returns from their trip. Eliminate down-time drivers need by using our multi-driver technology. You typically will work with the same 2-3 drivers per truck.

Double Your Profits Per Truck

Our multi-driver tech keeps your trucks on high paying freight lanes and rolling 24/7.  It's like gaining an extra week of revenue every month. You'll instantly see a huge boost in your profit per truck!

Unlock Huge Growth Potential 

Never be without a driver or freight again. You can add as many drivers as you need to you fleet instantly. Also, because Relay is nationwide you can re-position your trucks where the good freight is and utilize local drivers in that area, anytime!

Eliminate headaches and hassles.

Instant Hiring, Zero Wasted Time

Every driver on the network can instantly be hired with the tap of a button. Everything from Pre-employment drug test results, safety and performance history to complete DQF files is instantly available for you.

On-going Compliance

Every driver you use on the network is enrolled in a driving record monitoring program and random drug testing consortium as part of your company to ensure they stay DOT compliant.

FMCSA Audit Support

Passing FMCSA audits have never been easier with our audit support. Easily download any DQF files or compliance information requested at any time.

Free to get your first driver now!

Set Your Own Driver Pay Rates

Stay in control using our smart rate technology to maximize your profits on each load or simply set your own rate by the hour, mile, %, or how you see fit. 

Easily Pay Drivers through the app

Once a run is completed, you can setup a credit card or bank account to automatically pay your drivers saving you tons of time.

Get Your First Driver FREE

Sign up today and get your first driver booked and dispatched in your truck for free. 

The Relay way

How Relay On Demand works

1. Join the Relay Network

2. Book/Schedule a Driver

3. Dispatch Driver

4. Sit Back, Relax, and Grow

Choose a membership to join select carriers who share a pool of 1,000s of great drivers in the Relay Network you can use for any load.

Simply use our app or web to schedule drivers for your truck(s) based on your needs. Our smart pay rate technology will guide you to boost your profits based on a load to load basis.

Use the app to dispatch, communicate, and track. You'll be able to get real-time updates while you communicate and work directly with the driver just like you normally would.

Our powerful tech allows you to re-dispatch the same drivers for dedicated permanent needs to build up your fleet.

The Relay Driver Mobile app is included to ensure quality.

Every Driver uses the app on each run

When you disptach through the app, you'll get updates as soon as the driver leaves their house and throughout the entire run to keep things smooth.

Pre-Trip Inspection Videos

The driver app ensures complete and thorough pre-trip inspections every time as drivers cannot progress without taking video and pictures of key truck components.

Real-time BOLs

Get access to BOLs and important load documents instantly when the driver uploads them at each stop.

ELD Integrations

Automatically create profiles and enable drivers to access your ELD whenever they are on a run for you.


If you think this seems too good to be true, we're flattered.

But take it from carriers who said the same thing before joining the Relay-volution!


The new and better way to get drivers for your trucks, double your profits, and automate compliance.

With over 2,000 drivers on the Relay Network as part of your fleet, you'll never need to scramble trying to recruit and hire drivers again. 

Join the Relay-volution!

Get your first driver absolutely FREE. Give Relay a try on us.

You're just a few clicks away from getting your trucks rolling easier.

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