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Our Process

Here's how it works

It's like being an owner-operator, but without the hassle of owning your own truck.

Step 2

Accept a run on the app and show up to drive the carrier's truck.

Step 1

Step 3

Carrier's post available runs  with rates and details you can pick from the Relay app.

Complete the run, get paid as soon as next day, enjoy life, repeat.


Over 1,000 drivers trust the Relay Drivershare Network!

Be your own boss, freedom and flexibility, great pay are just a few reasons why drivers trust Relay.


Book Local, Short-Haul, or OTR CDL runs!

All the runs are no touch (no loading or unloading required) and you choose which runs you want as you see fit. Choose from different types of local, short-haul, or long-haul:

Amazon Warehouse Drop/Hooks

Single Stop Runs

Full Day 12 Hour Runs 

Convoy/Uber Freight

Multi-Drop Runs

Short 2-4 Hour Runs

Terminal to terminal warehouse picks and drops


Easily book runs from your smartphone

Put the power of being your own boss in the palm of your hands. Accept Relay jobs anytime, anywhere as they pop up to meet your earning goals.

You don't even need to own a truck!


What People Say

- Jason Heady,

Truck Driver 18 years

This company is so unique! Where else can you pick and choose where and when you want to work? I don't think anywhere unless you own your own truck! I've been doing relays for about 6 months and love the convenience and availability of it. 

- Jesse Richmond,

Truck Driver 7 years

Relay On Demand let’s me set my own availability and offers a variety of runs. I’m in control of my schedule and get to experience many different types of carriers, loads and routes.

- Scottie Yang,

Truck Driver 20+ years

I love the convenience of choosing your own runs, when and where you want to go. Also the flexibility of hours and days you want to work. Relay support is very helpful and they make me feel like a person not just a number.

Join the Relay Drivershare Network

Are you ready to finally drive on your terms?

Do it your way. Set your own hours, choose your routes, and pick runs that get you paid fast.

Join the Relay Drivershare Network

Welcome to Freedom and Flexibility!

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