The fastest and easiest way to hire a permanent driver whenever you need.


Just tap a button and get a reliable and dependable permanent driver in seconds

It's really that easy! No more spending money on job boards and job ads or wasting weeks of effort trying to interview and recruit.

Try before you buy program

Try out drivers for a few runs and direct permanent hire the ones you like instantly right from your app. The more times you use a driver the lower the direct permanent hire cost gets!

Build your fleet for maximum profitibility

You want your trucks rolling 24/7 365 a year. Relay makes that possible by helping you build your fleet of drivers with a combination of permanent and fill-in drivers who ensure your truck has zero downtime and generates an extra $120,000 per year!

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How Relay Direct Permanent Hire works

1 - Run and get to know the driver

Complete 3-5 Relay runs through the app with a driver to unlock their Direct Permanent Hire eligibility. This way, both you and the driver get familiar with each other and how you work together.


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2 - Go to your app and tap "hire"

On your app you’ll easily see which of your past drivers are elgible for direct hire. When using the direct hire feature you have two options;

1.) Hire directly to work with the driver outside of Relay where you manage all DOT compliance, insurance, and payroll for the driver.

2.) Assign the driver to work permanently in your fleet within Relay where we take care of DOT complaince and payroll for you.

3 - Sit Back & Relax

Knowing you have a pool of solid quality truck drivers to instantly permanent hire whenever you need feels oh so good! There’s no better or easier way!

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The best way to try before you buy.

Easily hire the best drivers

After working with a Relay Driver through the Relay app, you can decide to Direct Permanent Hire them with a tap of a button.

Keep your options open

You don't get married on the first date! Nor should you with your drivers. It makes no sense. That's why with Relay you can work with multiple drivers to see who the best long-term fit will be.

Earn discount credit

Earn a discount credit for every hour drivers work towards reducing your Direct Permanent Hire cost for each driver you use.


Using a combination of permanent and fill-in drivers who keep your truck rolling 24/7 means your truck can run more miles and generate alot more revenue. Relay gives you the ability to unleash the earning potential of your trucks!

Key Benefits

> Instantly Direct Permanent Hire the reliable and dependable truck drivers you need. Get your truck rolling today!

> Dispatch other Relay drivers to fill-in when your permanent drivers are on home-time or out of HOS.


> Use multiple drivers per truck to increase your truck revenue by $120,000 per year. 

Don’t waste another minute trying to source permanent drivers – try out Relay Direct Permanent Hire today and discover just how easy it is when you have Relay On Demand by your side!

See how carriers and trucking companies use Relay.


Get your Permanent Truck Drivers and more with just the tap of a button.

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If you have a question about Relay or how it works, we'd love to help.

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We can't wait to show you how easy it is to use Relay On Demand to get drivers for your trucks.

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Elite drivers at the right cost that works for you!

One simple low cost membership

You can use your 15-day free trial to join and start booking/dispatching drivers right away! To unlock the full power of the Relay network you need a monthly membership.  Complete the form at the bottom of this page to see more details about our pricing plans.

Once a member, you set the rate to pay drivers

When you create a run or shift, the Relay app will show you a market rate that other carriers are paying for a similar run to help you set a rate. Our smart algorithms help you always secure drivers at the lowest rates possible. Set your own rate either hourly, per mile, or on a per trip/shift basis. 

Are there any additional fees?

Credit Card Payment Processing Fee

There is a 3.5% charge when using a credit card to pay drivers who drive for you through Relay.

Whenever you create/schedule a run you’ll see the driver cost and fees upfront everytime.

Spend ZERO time managing drivers on the Relay Network

Relay takes away the hassle of trying to manage a fleet of drivers and stay compliant.


Relay provides optional coverage the first time you use a driver. Once a driver becomes a repeat driver by doing multiple shifts or runs then you easily add them to your policy by downloading the driver DQF  file right from the app.

Driver Payments

You set the pay rate and Relay takes care of paying the driver for you. There is no need for you to manage payroll, taxes, etc. We charge your card at the end of each run and pay the driver.

DOT Compliance

Relay handles the DOT compliance like drug testing and consortiums, MVR checks and monitoring, Employment history, and more.

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Our easy to use web portal and mobile app puts the power of your Relay driver fleet in the palm of your hands.

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Step 1 – Schedule

Whenever you need a driver, simply log in and create a run with the stop-off details or create a shift for how long you need a driver for. 

Step 2 – Dispatch

You can choose a driver or have your run/shift automatically sent out to all available drivers on the network through the Relay app who then accept your run and dispatch. Once they accept it you’re able to fully communicate with the driver as needed. You provide the load, truck, and fuel when the driver shows up.

Step 3 – Track

 Once a run has started you can track the progress right from your app. You get pictures of the pre-trips, instant uploads of BOLs, and notifications in real time when the driver completes each stop.

Repeat and build lasting driver relationships

After each run, you can rate the driver and add him to your “Preferred” Network where you can add him to your fleet and re-dispatch work directly to him going forward.

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No, it’s way better. Relay is the first of its kind Drivershare Network where carriers like you share a pool of pre-vetted drivers you can dispatch whenever you need (full-time or part time). All the drivers on the network belong to you and the other carrier members. Relay pre-vetts and certifies all drivers on the network and provides the technology with support to make it all happen. Whether you need drivers permanently or just to fill in, we guarantee every carrier has multiple drivers available for every truck they want to run on the network.

It’s like having a mega fleet of drivers at your fingertips without the costs and hassle of recruiting and managing them!